The nib pen drawing technique is made with a fine nib-pen, not use by many artists, due to its difficulty level in skill, sensitivity, perseverance, and care. It is one of the most classical and traditional art drawing instrument. I have been working with this tool for years and I consider myself one of the most authorized in this art using it for 20 years.
This made a high quality difference in my drawings and artwork in compare with using a stylograph. The nib pen metal tip gives you a finest stroke, difficult to work because it demands mastery of its beautiful stroke, and deal with the danger of spilling ink. It allows me to achieve fine nuances and hatches, impossible to do with another instrument.
An stylograph is easy to use but gives you simple, straight line. The artistic value of the Plumilla or Nib-pen is in the beauty of its wavy line of pearl tub. It gives you quality of shadows, textures and nuances. Beautiful, rhythmic stroke for its very thin, malleable tip.



VIRTUAL INDIVIDUAL CLASSES with artist and teacher Rafael Seminario Coello. Comprehensive drawing course for all levels and beginners. 

Learn how to create your artistic artwork with ink drawing, using a nib, pen, brush, pin needle and other artistic tools. I have 20 years of experience to teach you all its secrets. We will learn together how to make human figure, animals, objects, characters, scenery, landscapes, lettering, etc.
Rafael Seminario Coello is a teacher, professional cartoonist and Illustrator with full practice, personal projects and patience creativity.
Methodology learn/Drawing and doing your project with the teacher.


- Learn to use basic materials, tools, and surfaces for drawing. 
- How to make your own tools.
- How to apply ink in your nib pen.
- Basic exercises to ensure accuracy.
- Learn to draw basic forms. 
- Learn different application techniques like illusion of forms with lines, doodling, hatching, cross hatching, scribbling, stippling, pointillism, and ink wash.
- How to adjust line to perform a beauty line.
- How to give a variety of different values, volume lighting, texture, lines, shading.
- Learn how to use the Ink and brush ink wash with traditional pen and ink techniques.
- How to apply effects: representing illusions in different materials and elements like light, glitters, sparkle, explosion, burnish, energy, gleam.
- How to create terrain, stone, grass, metal, water, fire, paper, hair, plants, trees, flowers, logs.
- How to draw landscapes, oceans, ways, sand, mountains, dunes, clouds, rain, gleam, twisters. Buildings, interiors, house, hut, furniture.
- How to draw animals, birds, horses, lions, alligators, fish, etc.
- How to draw human  figure, woman, man, clothes, self portraits with pen and ink.
- Combine watercolor, wash ink, mix techniques, wet paper, spattered, gouache, scraped.
- How to use of black ink and colored ink, correct mistakes.

- Freehand pen, ink sketching and doodling.

REGISTER TO THIS COURSE calling Rafael Seminario Coello at mobille / whatsapp : 1- 991719770 or email to: (we speak English, French and Spanish).