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Oil - Graphite - Watercolor - Ink - Mixed

Multidisciplinary Visionary Artist. 
Here you will see my artwork as a travelling artist, animator and writer. I evolves walking through cities, markets, and other places to search for my subjects. Go out to the countryside to capture its scenery, paintings and more. I provide exclusive artistic 
services to private collectors and institutions to complement their art gallery in all formats and techniques.

I make my art-work creative and inspire by my own imagination, with different and marked themes and styles, which seem to have been painted by different artists for example:

Industrial theme, Abstract, Gastronomy, Freehand drawing, landscape, Naif cities, glamour, Hispanic fantasy, folk regional, Lima Peru and its people. Historical themes Amazon rainforest, Marinas, Chicha Peru culture, sand art, mystical, angels, engraving, surrealist, speculative metaphysics, protest, Pen works, and Urban thematic.

Paintings: Gallery
Paintings: Pro Gallery
Paintings: Pro Gallery
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