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OBRAS EN VENTA - GALLERY Rafael Seminario artist

Oil - Graphite - Watercolor - Ink - Mixed

We serve with artistic artwork for collectors, museums, institutions, art spaces, contemporary art galleries, and art specialists.

Rafael Seminario, Multidisciplinary Visionary Artist. Here you will see my artwork as a travelling artist, animator and writer. I evolves walking through cities, markets, and other places to search for my subjects. Go out to the countryside to capture its scenery, paintings and more. I provide exclusive artistic  services to private collectors and institutions to complement their art gallery in all formats and techniques.      I make my art-work creative and inspire by my own imagination, with different and marked themes and styles, which seem to have been painted by different artists for example:

  • Industrial theme, Abstract, Gastronomy, Big draw freehand drawing,

  • andscape, Naif colour cities, glamour, Hispanic, Fantasy, folk regional,

  • Lima people, History, Amazon rainforest, Marinas, Chicha Peru culture,

  • sand art, mystical, angels, engraving, surrealist, speculative metaphysics,

  • protest, Pen works, and Urban thematic.


"Fabricas de Marte"  Dibujo, tecnica mixta  

Oil - Graphite - Watercolor - Ink - Mixed

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